Our History

Harold Hoekwater (or Hap as he came to be known) started running equipment back on the farm in Vogel Center. When his country called him into service during the Korean Confict, he learned to run a bulldozer. After his discharge from the military he began a job running large dozers for a road building company in Grand Rapids.

As his family grew larger, he pursued his dream of starting his own company. With one small dozer and a lot of ambition, he began building his business. Because he wanted to make his small machine move as much earth as the larger ones he used, Hap learned to move quickly and efficiently, making every move count. But Hap believed even though speed was important, quality with honesty and integrity were paramount. This philosophy has been instilled into the company and holds true to this day. As his sons grew and the work load expanded, he added more employees and equipment.

Hap had a debilitating stroke in 1987 which forced him to pass the reins of control to his sons, current owners Dale & Ken Hoekwater. With dedicated and skilled employees and a great customer base, Hap Hoekwater & Sons, Inc continues to serve West Michigan's residential and commercial needs and will continue to do so into the future.





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